Perfect Parents Hall of Fame?!

Celebrate, honor your mom or dad & encourage moms and dads who need help!

Perfect Parents Hall of Fame?! image

Would your mother or father qualify to be in the "Perfect Parents Hall of Fame"?

Wait, is there such a thing as a “perfect” parent? Obviously, no. But amazing Christian parents for whom we’re eternally thankful? You bet!

This year, from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, you’re invited to publicly celebrate and honor your (nearly) perfect parents!

Starting this week we’ll be accepting and sharing stories (including sentimental, faith-building, life-impacting, and funny ones) and images of our near-perfect parents. If your parents are no longer living, you can still remember and celebrate them here.

Use this link to share a short story or message about your mom, dad, or both. If you like, we’ll forward news of your "nomination" to the Perfect Parents Hall of Fame to them at the email address you provide so they will know of your nomination, love and great appreciation. Whether your nominations are made in honor or memory, we'll share your message (along with a picture, if you include one!) in our social media sharing celebration through our Facebook and Instagram pages, starting on Mother’s Day on May 12 and continuing through Father’s Day in June.

If you share their name and contact information on the donation form, we'll also send notice of your gift made in their honor to them!

As you celebrate and give thanks for the parents or parental figures your Heavenly Father provided for you, you’re invited to help another child’s mother and father receive the support they need today to build a healthy family and provide a safe an nurturing family home.

Our funding goal for this initiative is $40,000. Your gift of any size, made in honor or memory of your parent or parents, will be used by your team here at Lutheran Family Service this year to:

  • Provide marriage counseling to help a mom and dad repair their broken relationship, choosing to stay together to rebuild their family, instead of divorce.

  • Bring multiple in-person and virtual marriage enrichment opportunities to couples, like workshops and presentations, providing helpful resources to keep their marriages and families strong.

  • Support and help parents deal with challenging issues in today’s culture, such as our new, free online group for parents with a child struggling with gender identity confusion.

  • Continue the weekly “MomTalk” group, now in its 11th year of teaching effective parenting skills to young single moms, along with faith-infused life skills and decision making – all provided at no charge to hundreds of young mothers.

  • Offer no-cost pregnancy counseling to women who are considering the future of their unexpected babies, including the chance to successfully parent or choose Christian parents through adoption.

Thanks for joining us in this fun and powerful demonstration of our shared belief in the importance of strong mothers and fathers!