Say YES so we can say YES!

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Say YES so we can say YES!

Promises are made to be broken, penned Jonathon Swift in the late 1700’s.

I don’t know what led Mr. Swift to that sad conclusion, but I imagine he experienced some of the pain shared by many today, certainly for those who come to us for help. We are troubled – often devastated – by broken promises.

His wife is unfaithful. Her boyfriend abandoned her to make decisions about the future of their baby alone. His parents’ addictions make it impossible for them to provide the stable home he needs. She is sexually abused by a family member. They thought they would be able to conceive babies. He believes God has forgotten him. Reality of life in the parish is far from what she imagined when she and her husband entered seminary and dreamed of their first call. Their children and grandchildren no longer visit them.

People often break promises, but it is God’s YES and the certainty of every one of His promises - fulfilled through Jesus - that sustain, strengthen, and give us confident hope in every troubling circumstance. God says YES to you, to me, and to every disappointed, discouraged, or hopeless man, woman, and child because of Jesus and through you and me. Through your generous partnership with Lutheran Family Service, I’m happy to tell you there are more and more YES stories to share every day.

This year, God has given us many new opportunities and many reasons to say YES. His YES to us enables us to say YES to others.

Make your most generous gift today, and together we will say YES to everyone who comes to Lutheran Family Service in the year ahead – regardless of their ability to pay. Together, we’ll make sure they know God’s promise is for them and that He always keeps His promises!

Rev. Max Phillips, Executive Director

Lutheran Family Service