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Our Church Needs Healthy Workers

Together We Can Make a Generational Impact


Join us in our efforts to keep a Healthy Church served by Healthy Workers

A healthy church requires healthy workers. Healthy workers support healthy congregations. Lutheran Family Service is prepared- though not fully equipped- to support church workers and others in need. Now it is time, once again, to expand the work of Lutheran Family Service through your financial partnership.

"I've been where many church workers are today. At one point in my ministry, I reached an emotional low. I was good at hiding it. Many church workers are. We are supposed to be the strong ones, who "have it all together" so we can be Jesus to others. But sometimes we are not. Sometimes we cannot. I needed someone to be Jesus to me. Though the compassionate heart and professional skills of a Lutheran Family Service counselor, I received the grace and strength of Jesus. Here I am, still serving Christ's Church! I support this campaign because I know it works! And I invite you to join me! " Rev. Jim Lamb, LFS advocate and LCMS pastor.

Amidst the fog of the world, our church workers need to see the face of Jesus, receiving His grace and love. And they need faithful, trusted professionals to whom they can refer members during their times of need. By God's grace and your partnership in this campaign, LFS will have the ability to serve our church's workers, no matter their situation or location. With your help, we will grow our mental health counseling capacity to serve all church workers in Iowa and across the Great Midwest. Imagine the benefit of one pastor in your circuit helped, one teacher in your district made healthy. Join us in our efforts to keep a Healthy Church served by Healthy Workers.