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Cost should never be a barrier to counseling

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Cost should never be a barrier to counseling

Dana's story...

Dana came to our office, having been unemployed for months since his employer cut back on staff because of COVID – including him. He had suffered from depression and anxiety before but had been doing well…until he found himself sitting at home alone day after day with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

When a friend became concerned about Dana’s increasingly depressed mood and his talk of ending his purpose-less life, she called Lutheran Family Service. Though he had no money or insurance, Dana was able to see an LFS counselor for a reduced fee.

When he learned about our sliding scale, his question was one we often hear: “How can you afford to see me when I can’t pay the fee?”

We’re always happy to answer that question this way: “We have a counseling assistance fund because people who care about you have set aside funds so that we can say YES when someone who has fallen on hard times needs help, even when they can’t afford it.”

Our Christian mission directs our policy of serving people in need, regardless of their ability to pay for the help they need.

Those suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, or abuse who bravely call a counselor for their first appointment are often devastated to learn they can’t afford the cost.

That never happens when someone in need calls Lutheran Family Service!

For years, Christian partners like you have provided a counseling assistance fund through which charitable dollars are available to make up the difference between what someone is able to pay and the actual cost. That fund needs to be rebuilt.

So many people today are struggling. And many are calling LFS. We need to replenish the fund today so we can keep saying YES and never have to turn anyone away.

Has God blessed you today with enough resources to share?

Has God given you a heart of compassion for people who are suffering?

Will you help?

Say YES to this invitation to make a gift to the LFS counseling assistance fund, so we can say YES to children, couples, men, women, and families who need help but don’t have the resources to cover the full cost of the care they need.

Say YES!